In my corporate days, conversations about career happiness were virtually non-existent. The focus was primarily on two aspects: money and status. I'll admit, I was also caught up in that mindset, assuming it was the norm. It wasn't until later that I realized there was more to consider.

However, a new idea is steadily gaining momentum and is poised to explode in the next decade. I eagerly await the wave of conversation it will bring—the one-person business model.

For the longest time, there was a significant gap: you either worked for the corporate machine or ventured into entrepreneurship, dealing with the challenges of managing a team. But now, a new dialogue has emerged.

Ever since Paul Jarvis released his book, "Company of One," people have been captivated by the notion of an in-between option. It's a space that lies between the conventional 9-to-5 corporate grind and the unpredictable life of an entrepreneur.

The concept is truly remarkable—you can work for yourself, by yourself, without the need to manage a team, and still unleash your creative potential.

The Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms

Let me clarify: this is not a quick and easy path. It took me three years to navigate the online world, and I'm still far from where I aspire to be. However, today, I make more money online than I do in my day job. It's quite astonishing.

Yet, the pursuit of the one-person business model is about much more than financial gain. It's about finding happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. Ultimately, it's about gaining control over our lives—a desire that resonates with us all.

As Morgan Housel astutely pointed out, deep down, most people yearn for wealth. We crave the freedom and flexibility that financial assets can provide. Unfortunately, our conditioned mindset often associates wealth solely with spending, obscuring the restraint required to truly amass wealth.

The same applies to status. We mistakenly believe that more status equals more freedom when, in reality, it binds us with time-consuming obligations.

Creating Your Own Business of One: A New Level of Freedom

Too often, the default approach is to seek more—more money, more status, more people to manage—believing it will lead to having more of everything.

More gadgets.

More bedrooms.

More luxurious vacations.

However, the one-person business model shifts the focus. Its adherents are not concerned with accumulating material possessions. Instead, they view life as a collection of days and strive to optimize each one. This necessitates a 180-degree shift from the prevailing model.

So, how can you design your life to align with your desires?

Like any effective system, it starts with a question: How do you want to spend your days?

Consider the following:

How do you want to work?

Where do you want to work?

Who do you want to work with?

While it may initially sound idealistic, you do have the power to choose. If you desire a remote work arrangement, you can seek a job that allows for it. If you prefer a bustling city environment, you can pursue opportunities there.

If walking your dogs every day at 10 am and avoiding day-long Teams calls is important to you, you can shape your career around those priorities.

It's truly liberating to proclaim, "This is how I want my life to look. How can I reverse engineer my career to align with that vision?"

A Journey, Not an Instant Transformation

Yet, this transformation doesn't occur overnight with the snap of your fingers. It's a process—a journey.

It involves finding the right job, striking the right balance, and seizing the right opportunities. In my case, I dedicate two hours every morning to writing, while enjoying the freedom of working remotely.

The monotonous morning commute has been replaced with a creative writing session. I can take my dogs for a walk at lunchtime and enjoy a leisurely stroll after work, still sitting down for dinner by 7 pm.

It took me six years, but I designed my life based on how I wanted to live—not to impress others or accumulate wealth.

Leveraging What You Have

Your one-person business can utilize your expertise from your current job and branch out into freelancing. It could involve creating digital products or writing a book.

In the next ten years, one-person businesses will reshape the world.

Don't wait—position yourself ahead of the curve.

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