Starting an Online Career: Thriving with Minimal Investment

 When aspiring online entrepreneurs discuss their plans with me, they often mention the need for significant upfront investment before they can begin. They believe they must accumulate a substantial amount of money to invest in creating a website, building a brand, and so on. However, I often surprise them with the revelation that none of these things truly matter!

Personally, I have been able to grow my YouTube channel to over 3500 subscribers in just 8 months by using a $20 ring light and an iPhone 12 for shooting my videos. While I acknowledge that the quality of my videos and audio may not be top-notch, I believe it would be unwise to invest heavily in equipment and production early on. Additionally, it would be unfair to compare my progress at Day 100 to someone else's progress at Day 1000. The key is to start simple and gradually improve and expand.

Let's explore what you actually don't need to make money online:

  1. A Website
  2. You might think that having a website is essential to showcase your services and make it easier for people to find you. However, consider this: there are millions of websites out there. How do you expect potential customers to discover yours amidst that vast sea of options?

Instead, I recommend focusing on building your portfolio first and then seeking high-paying work. By doing this, you will not only gain valuable experience but also realize that you may still have room to grow and improve your skills. As a writer, I once believed I was amazing, but I'm grateful that some of my earlier endeavors didn't work out as planned.

So, rather than investing time and energy into building a website, your LinkedIn profile can suffice.

  1. A Team
  2. It's best to start with a lean approach. Trying to establish a presence across multiple platforms simultaneously can be challenging and hinder your growth. Begin with one or two platforms and gradually expand to others.

Avoid the temptation to spend on hiring an editor, virtual assistant, or any other additional personnel. Instead, focus on starting small and doing whatever you choose to do exceptionally well.

  1. A Fancy Photoshoot
  2. The photo I use across various platforms was taken using my ring light. It happened spontaneously when I was preparing to go out for lunch with my fiancé, and my cousin and I took some fun poses. In the midst of that, I managed to capture a serious and "professional-looking" photo, which has served me well.

After nearly three years of serious online writing, I'm finally considering investing in a professional photoshoot. However, even then, I don't plan to use professional photos on LinkedIn, as I enjoy featuring my travel photos there.

If you want a professional headshot, there are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube to help you achieve that without breaking the bank.

  1. Expensive Tech Setup
  2. Avoid splurging on costly equipment before you've started generating income. Take me, for example. I haven't invested in dedicated YouTube equipment yet because it wouldn't provide a sufficient return on investment at this stage. It's simply too early.

You don't need fancy software or gadgets. Work with what you have and focus on building a portfolio that will enable you to work and earn effectively.

  1. 'Pro' Subscriptions
  2. Just because every app offers a pro version doesn't mean you need it. Personally, I still use the free versions of Grammarly and Calendly, only upgrading to Canva Premium after two years of using the free version professionally. I haven't even subscribed to Twitter Blue.

I did purchase Zoom Pro because that's where my cohort-based course operates. These subscriptions provide a return on investment for me. When starting out, avoid feeling compelled to subscribe to premium versions of every tool you encounter.

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